29 April 2014

Yogi- a story

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 Yogi left home in a tee-shirt and jeans.
He had practically lived in sportswear the last two years.
That was the normal garb at Svyasa where he had spent two years gaining a Masters in Yoga therapy.
When he came home it was only for a day or two and he hadn't been out with his old pals for ages.

His gang. The Pancha-pandavas everyone called them.
Five in all including him.
They had been together since school days.
Nostalgia washed over him. Their antics made him smile.

Toit was where they were going to meet.
He got there at 8 p.m. and found the rest waiting for him.
"Welcome back bro," said Nitin rising to give him a bear hug.
The rest gave him hi-fives.

Yogi sat watching them fondly.
They were the same, delightful rowdy bunch, full of raucous laughter and bawdy jokes.

"Will you drink or have you given it up Mahatma ji?" laughed Ramesh.
They had ordered their drinks already and were waiting to clink their glasses and say the customary 'Cheers'.

 Yogi asked for a long island iced tea.
"Cocktail ? Great yaar, we thought you would have given up everything after your two year stint.

Yogi smiled and said, "Not a stint man. It is life for me and maybe that is why I was given this name by my grand parents. My destiny. But don't label me, don't put me into a box that says "Yoga therapist'. I am that, no doubt. Apart from that I am a son, a friend and a human creature and will continue to be, with my little likes and dislikes, my little enjoyments and fun, maybe just way more balanced than I was."

There was a lot more labelling coming his way, he knew that, especially once he began to work and also teach private classes from home. He would learn to take it in his stride, he knew he would.

He slowly sipped his drink, at peace with the world.
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Dear reader what do you think of the tendency to label, to put people into little boxes? And do come back for the last two posts in this series of the A to Z blogging challenge :)

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