2 July 2011


I woke to a constant rain and smoky skies and the morning brought back memories of Malnad where I spent 2 years. Many months each year the weather was such, green, washed surroundings, poetic people and the study of literature, it was all quite dreamlike. Reliable- was the name of the bus that we took each morning, regularly at 8.30 to the university, with the same happy bunch of students, hopeful, fresh, mischievous. After enjoying the classes, we would meet at the uni canteen to savour hot - by two teas and other delicacies that the cook turned out. Mangalorean bans were one such and they to die for. And still bring joy when the memory strikes.

Old Films

Love of old films and songs has brought great joy to me as long as I remember. Right from the B/w era simple stories, simple emotions punctuates with the most heartfelt tunes and lyrics, to me are works of art, that have stood the test of time.
Again all through the times I have been able to pick and choose movies worth seeing and remembering. Songs worth hearing n humming.