11 January 2016

Night Queen-a short story for the young

She swept a shawl around her shoulders and walked on, dropping a little bundle into a window and another at someone's door.
She did this every night. After all she was out when the Sun went down to the other side of the Earth. She was called the Night by the mortals. Only she knew though that she could take the form of a woman and become- the Night Queen.
This she did every night and walked about on earth, where her fancy took her. Her fancy often took her to places where people did not have enough food and lived in small houses. As she walked past she dropped bundles of food, precious stones, pearls and the like.
There was no pattern to where she went each day.
People joyously accepted the gifts wrapped in leaves enjoying the good fortune without wondering too much about where it all came from. It was taboo to step out after Sun down too.
Times were a'changing.
Youngsters began to question taboos and wanted to venture out in the dark.
One day a little group made a bold plan.
They would waylay whoever dropped the bounty and find out who he or she was. They alerted friend in surrounding villages too. They would all stay awake and keep a watch.

She draped her most precious shawl around herself, floated downwards and began to walk. Light emanated from her shawl casting a wide halo around her.
She began her rounds.
Suddenly she found herself being held. By human hands. She struggled to break free. They held on tight, clutching at her shining shawl. She shrugged off her shawl and flew away.
Her shawl tore into smithereens as soon as she left.
A million tiny pieces lightly rose to the sky and stayed there, twinkling and sparkling.

This is how stars came about my dear little readers. As for the Night Queen she decided to stay in the sky then on.
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