21 January 2008

back after 1 year

Hi blogpage,I am back after more than an year .many a time have i tried to write but all my efforts were put to nought by Garima:0)
Little Garima is 20 months and a few days old now.Time does fly,thats one oft quoted saying that still rings true all the time.Today she received her first letter -and in her own name too :0) from my gym (dunno how they got hold of her name)saying that they are starting kindergym sessions.She entered the pool for the first time last friday along with me and satish all of us splashing and pretending to swim.Lot of firsts.Thats one more interesting thing about little ones ,there are so many Firsts in their lives.
From saying Amma,Garima has graduated to many many words and learns more each day.she can make sentences putting together 4-5 words now.Eg:On our recent melbourne trip it was-papa driving unca (uncle)car,mamma bag heavy :0) etc.This morn she woke me up saying -mamma mamma and smiling at me impishly and then trying to whistle at me ...which started our day with a laught and that continues all thru the day,along with screams and tantrums.She is getting taller and has already lost her baby fat and foils all my attempts at fattening her up.She is a hard one to feed generally.Being a natural charmer she manages to make me smile inspite of everything by asking-mamma angy?( angry) and then -mamma happy?after giving a hug :0) I shall stop for now and get back again some day.