8 April 2014

Grounding ourselves.

The ground beneath our feet. Exactly the portion that our feet fall upon. How much thought have we given it?
I can hear a chuckle :D

Who has the time, I hear you say, to think of such nonsense :)

My theme for the alphabet G is Grounding ourselves. Physically, emotionally, mentally.

I have this disorder which always makes me want to work with EVERY layer, each dimension there is- in us and in everything.

                                                       Follow me on twitter @whitefielder Have you ever wanted to lose gravity and simply floating about like a bubble? I have fancied this since childhood when I found out much to my amazed-delight, that the atmosphere on the Moon is such that we are wont to float around.

Looking at the other side, from an adult- read boring and practical, perspective though, how would we manage life as we know it, if we couldn't stand strong and sturdy, our feet on the ground....
Standing on our feet- having placed them slightly apart(in line with the hip joints), gives us a strong stance and protects the hip and pelvic region, giving us a wonderfully confident posture.

While practicing asanas, as also sitting and standing- whatever portion of our bodies touches the ground/mat, we need to push gently towards the ground- drawing the rest of the body upwards towards the sky.

Thus there is a constant balance between the opposites of pull and push- earth and sky. Using gravity to push ourselves down, using the strength from this to build security and confidence in the asana/stance and the entire mind-body complex, at the same time stretching upwards towards the sky, we elevate ourselves as a whole.

Grounding exhales are a huge help to us when used at any time of the day, again benefiting us on each level. I have written about this earlier and the link is included here
A picture of the upper portion of the Nanjangud, Shiva temple, Mysore, taken by me on the 31st of March 2014. The temple seems to be pointing towards the sky- at the same time as it is  firmly connected to the earth :)

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