3 April 2014

Chakras the energy centres

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According to yogic tradition there are infinite energy centers in our body, the most important ones being the seven well known chakras starting at the tail bone and ending at the crown of the head. They serve as junction points between our body and consciousness.
These spinning vortices, each specialises in a different aspect of our mental, physical and emotional experience.
The seven biggies are:
1. Muladhara- Root of spine- Associated with security when balanced.
2. Svadhishthana- Sacral-blocks can lead to issues with initimacy to put it simply.
3.  Manipura- Navel- Seat of confidence and personal strength.
4. Anahata- Heart- Emotions, compassion are all in a balance when this region is in free-flow.
5. Vishuddhi- Throat- Seat of ease in communication, emotion.
6. Ajna- Brow- Seat of determination
7. Sahasrara- Crown- Connetion of the self with the Greater self.
I have tried to give a little peek into each, there is much more of course
                     Interestingly when these energy centers are blocked we suffer consequences of not being at ease ie. dis-ease.
This could manifest as a simple headache, problems with intimacy, lack of confidence, emotional problems, Throat issues, lack of willpower, lack of connection with oneself to name a few.
The issues could range from physical to the mental-emotional to the esoteric.
There are fairly easy ways of unblocking them and allowing energy to flow along peacefully- starting from asana postures, various breath practices of Praanayam and finally chakra- meditation which I personally find the easiest and the best. Simply put this is being aware of the breath flowing in and out of us and at the same time placing a gentle focus on each chakra starting from the base chakra, travelling upwards to the crown chakra and then returning to the base having stayed with every chakra on the way.

Chakra chart
The picture shows the chakra positions along with associated colours and Beeja mantras, the sacred sounds associated with the energy centers.
What strikes me most is that our body contains every healing mechanism within itself, we just need to use it to our benefit. Love you all for reading and leaving behind loving comments. Keep returning :)

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