10 April 2014

Ishwarapranidhana-resonating a higher Intelligence

                        Rather than unravel the mystery of life, we then begin to embody it- Donna Farhi      
I dedicate this post to the Yoga Spirit Studios, Adelaide and Rebecca Richards who led my yoga teacher's training and introduced me to so much fine tuning, Presence and Donna Farhi. Om Gurubhyo Namaha.

And to my friend Maureen Germain, with who I have had many a delightful chat about all things yoga and especially today's topic :)                                         


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My I word is Ishwara-pra-ni-dhana, Ishwarapranidhana.
Patanjali gives us the Ashtanga- eight limbs of yoga.
The first five of the eight limbs are External, Bahiranga sadhana and they are-

The last three are Internal, Antaranga sadhana and they are-

Ishwarapranidhana is one of the five Niyamas.

It is simply celebrating the spiritual. By this I mean, the recognition of a force greater than us which runs, shapes, moves everything and moves, pulsates and vibrates THROUGH everything.

For our own sakes when we are able to identify this higher intelligence at work, we then are able to embody the mystery of life. We are then able to live one day at a time, completely engrossed in every minute, content with however life unfolds.

It is the letting go of that in us which seeks to control. It is the ability to allow ourselves to become like a hollow bamboo flute through which sounds of the universe and its intelligence resonate, filling our lives with sweet music, come what may.
                                                   JODHPUR, INDIA - FEBRUARY 11: An unidentified man plays flute in Mehrangarh Fort on February 11, 2011 in Jodhpur, India. Mehrangarh Fort is one of the largest forts in India. - stock photo
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