28 April 2014

Xiphoid process and X-ile

                                  The day for X :)
After some, (more than some actually) wondering, I decided to simply define the 'Xiphoid process' in today's post and then be naughty and write a poem on Exile and change the word conveniently to X-ile in the title :)
                        The xiphoid process is a bone at the tip of the sternum or breastbone and attaches itself to the Diaphragm (which is a primary respiratory muscle). Now any thing within the body is intrinsically related to well-being and so my choice of bone to define. That it starts with X has nothing to do at all with my choice obviously. Activity : Look at the diagram below and locate your own Xiphoid process. My entire family had to do the same when I formulated this post :)


                            explosion - stock photo
                                                                   X-iled in this body
                                                                   Us effulgent beings
                                                                   Exiled into the quagmire
                                                                   Of birth and forgetting

                                                                  Exiled from the true self
                                                                  For a while or forever

                                                                  Exiled from inner vistas
                                                                 Twisted around the little finger
                                                                 of the outer world.

                                                                 Exiled by greed and the need
                                                                 To have and to be more than we are

                                                                 Exiled by blindness
                                                                 Momentaries become must-haves

                                                                 Exiled to becoming something
                                                                 Exiled to getting somewhere

                                                                Living out caricatures of life
                                                                Living out what someone else thinks is life.


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