18 November 2006

My heart and mind is totally filled with my 6 and a half month old baby girl -Garima!All the cliches about motherhood suddenly seem true :0) She is a happy baby who has learnt recently that she can show her dislike to something by stiffening her body into a st: line and going red in the face.I find that sweet and funny.my ramblings will be mainly about her. Right now she is atop her change table gurgling and blowing bubbles and giggling when her dad tickles her.
I had her 9 days prior to the due date and my husband missed it by 2 days as he was in India .Anyway babies and time wait for no one and move when they have to.She came to the world on May 2nd 4.08 am and has filled me up with every good feeling .Strangely I already wonder about how to keep her safe from the many downfalls of 'civilized society".
The first few months were feed,sleep,feed and sleepless nights for us.As she took on month after month she got communicative,playful and is quite good company even now.
While crying she looks out of the corner of her eyes at us(husband,me or my mum) to check if she is having the desired effect on us,which keeps us laughing amongst other things.
Her name Garima,means in Hindi -honour,joy,pride and in Sanskrit its the power of a yogi to make him/herself heavier,opposite of Laghima,in which the said yogi can become lighter.
She sits up with support and has begun various cooked and pureed solids since a month.A special highlight for us is that she turned over from lying on her back to lying on her tum,all by herself yesterday -21st nov at 3.16 noon.
I will stop for now as I am feeling like a very besotted first time mum who can write pages on end about Garima.

4 November 2006

This is the first time I am posting a blog and I dont know where to begin.I will write abt anything that i think,feel or that touches my heart or tum in a special way.My 6 month baby girl Garima will be the central theme I suspect.My husband ,parents ,Friends back in B'lore that I miss on a daily basis,books,pottery,music nature etc etc a million things that colour my life all these will figure in my blogs too.I am actually a novice and am not too sure as to who will read my blogs and why.The proof of the pudding is in its eating and so I will wait and see how it goes.