19 April 2014

Quiet from the inside-Pockets of peace


                                                                       Pockets of Peace
                                                                In the midst of jarring noise
                                                                There are tingling tinkles of
                                                                    Twinkle-toed sound.

                                                            In between the maze of mockery
                                                                   There are faces of mercy.

                                                           In the midst of the pollutants of life
                                                               There are breaths of fresh air.

                                                                     In the daily processes
                                                                       We are kept whole
                                                               By out tiny pockets of peace.
Dear reader,
                  This poem is one of my published ones, written when I was in college. I thought of it as a befitting start to my post on Quiet from the inside


One may seem like a gregarious  extrovert from the outside but what do we know of their inner life. This seems to me to tie in nicely with my Yoga/well-being related theme.

Unless we have a place within us which could be the exhale-inhale( one of my places) where would we go when we want some quiet and the outer world is all a myriad noise-making bazaar.

You could have a place outside of yourself which brings you the quiet you need, for eg: a garden, your terrace, a certain quiet temple, a friend who epitomizes quiet anything...anywhere. 

The quiet that you thus draw from outside of you, then to my understanding takes you deep within your own self and into your own pocket of peace.

A friend posted a beautiful saying on Fb today, "God is the space between two thoughts."

This space is the quiet within :)


Ps. What are your pockets of peace? What do you do when you want to get into a quiet place within you? Do share. 

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