26 April 2014


    Wealth or health, wealth or peace, wealth or time, wealth or life.

Material wealth only or wealth of love, wealth of friendship, wealth of time, wealth of good health, wealth of a slow and simple life or all of these.

Just a few groups of words to think about and weigh up.
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The usual meaning of success is very often linked to wealth creation and mainly material wealth.

I have always found this interesting.

Whatever is lost on the path to immeasurable material gains, is it due to a lack of awareness of the person on this path or is it carelessness or is it a deliberate choice.

How much is enough. It would be a good thing to help our children understand and relate to material possessions and get them to see the proper place of things. Help them work out a way to balance material wealth and well-being.

Maybe then they will see wealth as a necessary energy. See that it is required but that it mustn't override people and life. See that it is not the measure that they must use to give respect to someone. See that prosperity is a lot more than external glitz.See it as it really is.
No more- no less.

What are your thoughts dear reader? And do come back for the last three posts this April for X, Y and Z on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and shower me with the wealth of your readership and comments :)
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