31 October 2016

Dumbing down- a 141 word post

I have had an uneasy feel about THIS and this came to the forefront in my head after reading a post shared by a blogger friend.
What THIS is - a sense that all over the world there are groups of all sorts that are working at a mass and individual 'dumbing down'.
This could sound like paranoia but it is true, just take a hard, penetrating look around

1. The media- tele-vision, papers, tabloids, social-media, commercials...
2. Politicians
3. Industrialists
4. Love-bombers
5. Individual manipulators in our circles

Finally all of it comes from a person or a group of manipulators whose aim is to pull the shutter down on the clear thinking faculties of people for his/her/their personal gain- material or emotional.

Dear reader, go on and tell me your thoughts in the comments section. What do you think?