17 April 2013

Into my skin

In the space between blinks I've stepped out of the present
Onto a smorgasboard of thoughts
A tangled web of past-present-future
A long exhale drops me back Into my own skin

I pass through my ribcage and Settle
Somewhere in the cavernous recesses of my gut
Inside this star shaped bag that I live in
Of limbs and Head

A bronze-dark sheath stretched out end to end
A gleaming bag cannot contain me
And I strain again and again To flow out- to fly out
Only to fall back-into my skin

What is it like, inside my skin?
Kisses raining all over my skin
Made me a Goddess ,greedy-hungry for the adoration
Gashes and scars from a primitive call to blood-letting
Made me curl up like the mimosa-shy of discovery

Even now, Partly hidden-part exposed
While the being hungers
Drooling after Mirages
That amount to Nothing