25 April 2014

Vinyasa- the flow

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There are various meanings attributed to Vinyasa

What I have understood is that it is a way of moving through a yoga session fully or partially, in a smooth flowing manner, employing Mudras (gestures to regulate energy-flow) when required, from asana to asana, riding the breath consciously- the key word being 'Flowing'. 

Simply put, it is a continuous sequence of movement.

The Surya-Namaskaar or the Sun-salutations are to me a Vinyasa that most people follow.

Start to the finish, moving into a new posture, staying in that posture and moving out of that posture- all of it needs be in a naturally aligned, smoothly flowing manner, without any sharp-jerky movements, like a proficient dancer flowing through a dance sequence.

Brings to mind the whirling dervishes too, doesn't it?

Finally dear reader, it is akin to a Moving Meditation. 
whirling dervish

I have attempted to give you a small peek into vinyasa, leaving it to you to read/discuss it further if you would like to :)

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