22 March 2016

Theme reveal A to Z Challenge- Indian mythology based Poetry- :)

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Hello my dears,
I have been writing/blogging very little of late. I am not worried since there are such phases every now and then :) Now that is off my chest, I am free to proceed.
The April A to Z challenge 2016 will see me posting on a myriad themes and all month I am going to write in my favorite genre- Poetry. This will be based on Indian mythology. India and everything remotely related incites in me a flaming passion and so I am quite happy to have found my theme :)
I hope to hop around blogs savoring posts, leaving comments and hope to have many of you visiting me on my blog too.
I will keep the poems short and hopefully immensely readable to the poem lover and prose lover alike. Finally the proof of the pudding is in its eating and it will be you my dear readers who will tell me how it all is going.