3 November 2014


Why do we have to be something else?
Why can't we be just us?

A mask, a persona, a label, a name
all of it slips sometime
why can't we be just us?

Fame, relationships, people all pass by
in an endless parade of fleeting clouds
finally it is just us

May the final exhale leave us in comfort
of a life lived in our own personal truth
all along it was only us.

13 September 2014

Sins of the Past- Cover reveal

Sins of the Past was started on November 9, 2013 by Kelvin V.A. Allison (or as we've come to know him as Scoobert Mills). Sins of the Past is a historical horror collection of short stories and contains seventeen spine-tingling stories that will leave you hungry for more. Each story is different from the next and happens within different periods of time.

From World War I, World War II, the Civil War, Rome, Vietnam War, etc. Each author brilliantly paints an image of whatever time period their story takes place in. All stories being accounts of history that have taken place but have been twisted a bit to reflect the horror genre that was needed in each story.

From werecats to ghosts saving the day. Hangings to being maimed.

Stories featured in Sins of the Past:
  • VishKanya (The Poison Maiden) by Sunila Vig
  • Sic Semper Susurrus by Matt Lovell
  • Maleficium by Kerry E.B. Black
  • Good Puritan by Laura K. Cowan
  • Blood Tribe by Don Miskel
  • It’s All Good News by N.M. Scuri
  • Melusina by Kristin Roahrig
  • Sanctum by J. Kendall
  • A Ghostly Haunting by Chasity Nicole
  • Traitor Coward Betrayer by Joseph Lofthouse
  • The Beast of Alkali Lake by Jen Ponce
  • In the Stillness and the Silence by T.D. Harvey
  • Birthright by Andy Morris
  • Griddlebone by Debbie Manber Kupfer
  • Nature’s Revolution by Michael "Mad Mike" Nagy
  • We Pass From View by Misha Burnett
  • The Innocent by Cleve Sylcox

  • Now for the moment we've all been waiting for. The cover reveal.


    10 September 2014

    Sins Of The Past

    Sins of the Past is an anthology collection of seventeen spine tingling historical tales. Each story is different than the one that follows it and no two stories are exactly the same. There are tales of ghosts, tales of werecats, and tales of a movie that changed the lives of everyone. And that isn't all. Each story will leave you craving for the next one and eager to discover what the next title is and what it is about.

    The anthology is set to release on October 31, 2014.

    VishKanya (The Poison Maiden) by Sunila Vig
    "Not all seduction is sweet."
    Sic Semper Susurrus by Matt Lovell
    "Friends, Romans, Countrymen, which of you is trying to kill me?"
    Maleficium by Kerry E.B. Black
    "A Tudor household runs afoul of sorcerous malintentions."
    Good Puritan by Laura K. Cowan
    "A good preacher man is hard to find."
    Blood Tribe by Don Miskel
    "Come out to the coast...let's get together...have a few laughs..."
    It's All Good News by N.M. Scuri
    "In the depths of the Great Depression, all he wanted was to go home."
    Melusina by Kristin Roahrig
    " In the time of the French Revolution, a Swiss guard finds that ancient family debts demand payment , no matter the means."
    Sanctum by J. Kendall
    " All riches come at a price!"
    A Ghostly Haunting by Chasity Nicole
    "Not all ghosts are bad ones."
    Traitor Coward Betrayer by Joseph Lofthouse
    The Beast of Alkali Lake by Jen Ponce
    " Under the surface lies a monster."
    In the Stillness and the Silence by T.D. Harvey
    "In war, there is more to fear than the enemy."
    Birthright by Andy Morris
    "Russia’s last heir just inherited a lot more than he bargained for."
    Griddlebone by Debbie Manber Kupfer
    "Never underestimate a cat."
    Nature's Revolution by Michael "Mad Mike" Nagy
    "Man’s War, Nature’s Retribution."
    We Pass from View by Misha Burnett
    "Sometimes a movie can change your life."
    The Innocent by Cleve Sylcox

    "Home is never what it seems."

    11 July 2014

    The Sun comes a visiting

    Yippeeeee my blog has received it first award

    The Sunshine award came to me as a pleasant surprise from Monica Deshpande who in her own words is a, Weekend baker, cook book collector, gatherer of family recipes. She can be found at her wonderful and warm blog http://ovengoodies.wordpress.com/

    I am touched and happy, thanks Monica :)

    Rules Of The Sunshine Award
    • Display the award on your blog.
    • Show your gratitude and link back to the person who nominates you with the award.
    • Nominate up to 10 of your favourite deserving “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”.
    • Link the nominees in your post and let them know they have been awarded.
    • Write 10 interesting things about yours

    I've managed to display the award :), so that rule number 1 done.

    A few ( I wish I could list them all) favourite bloggers that I discovered during the A to Z blogging challenge and a few before that are:

    1. Beloo Mehra who weaves her magic taking us right into our deepest core through her own thoughts and the thoughts of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother at http://letbeautybeyourconstantideal.blogspot.in

    2. Puja Bhakoo who is a wordsmith par excellence with a humour to match at http://planetpuja.blogspot.in/

    3. Vani whose blog I head to when I miss her :), she is a dear friend and blogs about, food and life on http://mysoorean.blogspot.in/

    4. Gauri Kekre who writes about her baking exploits and interesting and useful DIY projects at http://mindbrewblog.wordpress.com/

    5. Sulekha rawat whose writing I enjoy at sulekharawat.com

    6. Corinne Rodrigues and her daily dose of wisdom at everydaygyaan.com

    7. Rajlakshmi Baruah the twinkle-eyed traveller and the pictures that bring her travels alive at shutterbug-rajlakshmi.blogspot.com

    8. Shilpa Garg and her multi-faceted posts at shilpaagarg.com

    9. Jayanta Tiwari and his thought provoking posts at jayantathoughts.blogspot.com

    10. Carol Graham for the heart that comes across in each of her posts at batteredhope.blogspot.com

    Ha :) All steps done but one. I get to say ten things about me now, and I get to cheat with this step :D and post a link here which will take you to the aforementioned ten bits of information https://www.facebook.com/sinsofthepastbook/posts/302835279897439

    Please keep the award rolling and the love and warmth shining

    21 June 2014

    From my kitchen window

    I sometimes look out of my kitchen window and see a wide variety of scenes. Most of them from the lives of the people living in the tenements behind my apartment complex.
    Watching the simple lives being played out is inexplicably soothing.
    I'm on the second floor which you can figure out no doubt, from the angle of the picture taken. Right behind the tenements and behind the stone wall you can see one of the properties of an industrialist. I am thankful for the greenery on his vast property and less than thankful for the loud blare of party music they sometimes play late into the night. Also it serves as a constant reminder of the mix of riches and poverty in India which exists side by side.

    The crux of this post though is not economic disparity but that I saw a little girl imparting to a few little ones their first lessons in literacy. A medium sized tree sheltered them from the sun. She helped them write the alphabet on their slates, playing teacher to the little ones who followed her commands in innocent dedication. A dozen or more little people are happily growing up there in extremely simple conditions and yet living their childhoods to the fullest, their joys unmarred by anything mundane.

    6 June 2014


    Fragile- this was the title of a painting on the back cover of the Readers Digest that I sketched a likeness of, one day long long ago. I was doing my Masters degree in English literature at the time, in the green and rainy belt of Karnataka, Malnad.

    Stuck at home with blocked sinuses for company I dug up an old file and unearthed the sketch. It brought along with it a predictable whoosh of nostalgia, for the times when I was much more free of heart and mind, unburdened by Samsara, so to say. Besides that slight envy of my own free student self I also felt I had to write a related post and this after almost one month of writing my last post. It just had to be.

    Fragile, the word itself conjures up everything soft, tender, breakable- worth protecting and cherishing.

    Our lives, our world and its ecology, our children and their all absorbent psych
    e, our relationships, our egos- all so fragile, all  in need of our utmost love, care and compassion.

    6 May 2014

    Reflections- A to Z blog challenge 2014

    I chose the A to Z blog challenge not knowing what it would entail as this was my first ever blog challenge. I thought it would give me a welcome break from writing fiction, actually my debut e-novella, which I need to rework, give a boost to my blog which I began in 2006 when my little one was born and teach me more about blogging.
    What I had not realised is that not only would I find myself part of a large worldwide group that was taking part in the same challenge but part of a cosy, approximately 50 strong group of fantastic bloggers.
    This group became a haven and a place to go to for any doubts-questions, guidance, rants and raves, information, for sympathy and empathy and for heart-warming group hugs and general camraderie.
    I had written about two posts in advance and chalked out daily topics. Once the challenge began and my Yoga and well-being theme unfurled, I felt I was astride a fast galloping steed which I could not get off. All I could do was to hang on and enjoy the ride.
    And enjoy the ride I did.
    I enjoyed flitting from blog to blog, alighting on posts, reading, commenting and awaiting comments and replying on my own posts.
    The writing process itself was like diving deep within myself and re-surfacing with words that went onto the daily posts. My theme being my passion, well one of them- Yoga and well-being, it was a joy to put snippets together and put them out there for some wonderful people to turn up and connect with them.
    Into week two and I was this paradox alive, writing out little peeks into what I thought and had learned about yoga and well-being on the one hand and on the other, stressing about not managing to read and comment on all the blog posts. Also squirming from wanting to do all the things I usually do with the lil one in her summer-vacation.
    Common sense kicked in and I relaxed and did what I could, leaving a lot of reading and commenting for the rest of the year.
    New blogger friends made, blogger-minds admired, new things learned and shared and the ride was over as fast as it had begun. Sympatico-souls and fellow bloggers were immensely encouraging with their daily visits and comments.
    Time again to let go-align- ground and exhale.Before yet another spate of writing. The e-novella beckons :)

                                           Man Silhouette jumping over the abyss at sunset cloudy sky background - stock photo

    29 April 2014

    Yogi- a story

                            Silhouette vector of yoga collections in the shape of tree. - stock vector                         

     Yogi left home in a tee-shirt and jeans.
    He had practically lived in sportswear the last two years.
    That was the normal garb at Svyasa where he had spent two years gaining a Masters in Yoga therapy.
    When he came home it was only for a day or two and he hadn't been out with his old pals for ages.

    His gang. The Pancha-pandavas everyone called them.
    Five in all including him.
    They had been together since school days.
    Nostalgia washed over him. Their antics made him smile.

    Toit was where they were going to meet.
    He got there at 8 p.m. and found the rest waiting for him.
    "Welcome back bro," said Nitin rising to give him a bear hug.
    The rest gave him hi-fives.

    Yogi sat watching them fondly.
    They were the same, delightful rowdy bunch, full of raucous laughter and bawdy jokes.

    "Will you drink or have you given it up Mahatma ji?" laughed Ramesh.
    They had ordered their drinks already and were waiting to clink their glasses and say the customary 'Cheers'.

     Yogi asked for a long island iced tea.
    "Cocktail ? Great yaar, we thought you would have given up everything after your two year stint.

    Yogi smiled and said, "Not a stint man. It is life for me and maybe that is why I was given this name by my grand parents. My destiny. But don't label me, don't put me into a box that says "Yoga therapist'. I am that, no doubt. Apart from that I am a son, a friend and a human creature and will continue to be, with my little likes and dislikes, my little enjoyments and fun, maybe just way more balanced than I was."

    There was a lot more labelling coming his way, he knew that, especially once he began to work and also teach private classes from home. He would learn to take it in his stride, he knew he would.

    He slowly sipped his drink, at peace with the world.
                              Man meditates in the nature. Vector illustration.  - stock vector
    Dear reader what do you think of the tendency to label, to put people into little boxes? And do come back for the last two posts in this series of the A to Z blogging challenge :)

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    28 April 2014

    Xiphoid process and X-ile

                                      The day for X :)
    After some, (more than some actually) wondering, I decided to simply define the 'Xiphoid process' in today's post and then be naughty and write a poem on Exile and change the word conveniently to X-ile in the title :)
                            The xiphoid process is a bone at the tip of the sternum or breastbone and attaches itself to the Diaphragm (which is a primary respiratory muscle). Now any thing within the body is intrinsically related to well-being and so my choice of bone to define. That it starts with X has nothing to do at all with my choice obviously. Activity : Look at the diagram below and locate your own Xiphoid process. My entire family had to do the same when I formulated this post :)


                                explosion - stock photo
                                                                       X-iled in this body
                                                                       Us effulgent beings
                                                                       Exiled into the quagmire
                                                                       Of birth and forgetting

                                                                      Exiled from the true self
                                                                      For a while or forever

                                                                      Exiled from inner vistas
                                                                     Twisted around the little finger
                                                                     of the outer world.

                                                                     Exiled by greed and the need
                                                                     To have and to be more than we are

                                                                     Exiled by blindness
                                                                     Momentaries become must-haves

                                                                     Exiled to becoming something
                                                                     Exiled to getting somewhere

                                                                    Living out caricatures of life
                                                                    Living out what someone else thinks is life.


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    26 April 2014


        Wealth or health, wealth or peace, wealth or time, wealth or life.

    Material wealth only or wealth of love, wealth of friendship, wealth of time, wealth of good health, wealth of a slow and simple life or all of these.

    Just a few groups of words to think about and weigh up.
    Symbol of law and justice, law and justice concept. - stock photo

    The usual meaning of success is very often linked to wealth creation and mainly material wealth.

    I have always found this interesting.

    Whatever is lost on the path to immeasurable material gains, is it due to a lack of awareness of the person on this path or is it carelessness or is it a deliberate choice.

    How much is enough. It would be a good thing to help our children understand and relate to material possessions and get them to see the proper place of things. Help them work out a way to balance material wealth and well-being.

    Maybe then they will see wealth as a necessary energy. See that it is required but that it mustn't override people and life. See that it is not the measure that they must use to give respect to someone. See that prosperity is a lot more than external glitz.See it as it really is.
    No more- no less.

    What are your thoughts dear reader? And do come back for the last three posts this April for X, Y and Z on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and shower me with the wealth of your readership and comments :)
    bags of money on a clear bright sky - stock photo

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    25 April 2014

    Vinyasa- the flow

    forest waterfall and rocks covered with moss    
    There are various meanings attributed to Vinyasa

    What I have understood is that it is a way of moving through a yoga session fully or partially, in a smooth flowing manner, employing Mudras (gestures to regulate energy-flow) when required, from asana to asana, riding the breath consciously- the key word being 'Flowing'. 

    Simply put, it is a continuous sequence of movement.

    The Surya-Namaskaar or the Sun-salutations are to me a Vinyasa that most people follow.

    Start to the finish, moving into a new posture, staying in that posture and moving out of that posture- all of it needs be in a naturally aligned, smoothly flowing manner, without any sharp-jerky movements, like a proficient dancer flowing through a dance sequence.

    Brings to mind the whirling dervishes too, doesn't it?

    Finally dear reader, it is akin to a Moving Meditation. 
    whirling dervish

    I have attempted to give you a small peek into vinyasa, leaving it to you to read/discuss it further if you would like to :)

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    24 April 2014

    Unlearn to truly learn

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    Unlearn to truly learn is my topic for today, dear Reader.

    If we want to fill the pot with nectar, let's say and it is at present full of something else,  we have three options to choose from:

                                   1. Pour the nectar into the already full pot.
                      2. Ignore/ throw away the nectar.
                                                           3. Empty out the pot and then fill it with the nectar at hand.

    It is up to each of us to choose one of the options. It is up to us to give ourselves the permission to make a choice.

    When we are full of 'knowledge' the kind that comes with bits of paper as proof or the kind that we have amassed, our idea of the self, the 'ego' tells us we are scholars. 

    The egoic self, made up of our own flow of thoughts, is heavily invested in what the people around us think/say of us. Can we allow ourselves freedom from this?

    To be able to discriminate between false knowledge, 'Avidya' and true knowledge, the one that already resides within our deepest recesses has to be possible. Can we allow ourselves the Freedom to 'think' and 'feel' deeply so we can let one drain out, making place for the other? Or actually can we allow the gross matter to fall off, to reveal what is hiding right under it?

    Reminds me of the timeless chant- Asato maa sat gamaya, Tamaso maa jyotirgamaya, Mrityormaa amritam gamaya.

    Full of one thing, there is no place for the other. To get some place else we have to leave the current destination behind.

    Set my inner bird free 
    Free of the fetters 
    That I place on my Self

    Is the only path that will get me anywhere
    Anywhere that is worth getting to
    Anywhere within me that is worth Being.

    Empty me of all the weight
    Weight I have amassed
    Thinking rocks were gems
    Thinking all that shone was precious.

    Free from what/who I think I am
    Take me to the learning within.

    Shattered dancer.image of female dancer jumping. Shatterd and disolve effect added in Photoshop.  - stock photo

    People who are veritable lighthouses, shining from illumination from within and without are usually the most flexible, accepting and childlike. Dr. Abdul Kalaam Aazad and the Dalai Lama spring to mind. There are many others that you will think of dear reader, starting from your parents maybe, a teacher, a Guru, do share.
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    23 April 2014

    Transformation and Thaad-phal

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    What comes to your mind when you see/ think of this? 

    Valmiki is the name that jumps out at me.
    The robber that turned writer/saint, most of us are aware of that story from mythology. He went on to write the epic- Valmiki Ramayan.

    There are many famous names and then many not so well-known. People around us, maybe we ourselves might have undergone a transformation when touched by an experience, a person, a thought, a book, a child- anything from the vast array of the miraculous elements that lie all around us. All we need is an open heart and acceptance.

    Eckhart Tolle is another name that comes to mind. 
    A child from a broken family and one that had played in Germany in buildings destroyed during the World war two, he had a far from normal childhood.  
    A largely self-educated boy, while he pursued a Doctoral degree he was overcome by a soul-crushing depression. He then experienced a life-changing epiphany.
    Recounting the experience, Tolle says, " I couldn’t live with myself any longer. And in this a question arose without an answer: who is the ‘I’ that cannot live with the self? What is the self? I felt drawn into a void! I didn’t know at the time that what really happened was the mind-made self, with its heaviness, its problems, that lives between the unsatisfying past and the fearful future, collapsed. It dissolved. The next morning I woke up and everything was so peaceful. The peace was there because there was no self. Just a sense of presence or “beingness,” just observing and watching.

    His first book, The Power Of Now is the only one I have read and I will not speak of it. It has to be read. Time and time again I go back to it and open just any page and read.

    He also wrote Stillness Speaks and A New Earth and a few other books.

    Tolle has said "I feel actually that the work I do is a coming together of the teaching 'stream', if you want to call it that, of Jiddu Krishnamurti and Ramana Maharshi"

    And now my dear Reader I shall take you to another kind of transformation. One which occurs within us, tele-porting us in a lightning-flash into a place of joy. I am talking of eating a fruit called Thaad-phal in Hindi, Munji kai in Telugu and Thaati ningu ( I think) in Kannada. Here are some pics from a cart that sells this divinely succulent fruit very close to the college I lecture at.

    The outer shell is removed and the translucent fruit scooped out. Each fruit has nectar right inside and an opaque-pearlescent delightfully chewy cover. If you haven't eaten one, do try :)

    Likewise at times our own hard shell-cover/ fake ego-mind needs chopping away to uncover the pearlescent essence inside each one of us.

    Do tell me your own take on Transformation and what/who comes to mind as well as if you like this particular fruit :D


    22 April 2014

    S for Shavasana- cultivating Sukha

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    Shavasana is that which comes at the end of an asana practice. It is the five-ten minutes or more of bliss where you get to let go of every effort and sink into your mat. The benefits of the entire preceding session gather together in this practice of Sukha.

                                                     I cannot underline the importance of this enough, dear reader and when someone has to leave for someplace and has to miss out the Shavasana it is a pity.
    The name itself is Shava+ asana and it has been translated into English as the Corpse pose. Now as translations go sometimes, the essence of the word is lost. That is the case here.

    Lack of the Shiva element in the body makes the body a Shava.

    Why is this immensely relaxing time on the mat called Shavasana then you may ask.

    To my understanding, a Shava lacking in Shiva ( life/breath) loses all control over itself and gives itself up fully to the elements. Pliable and pulled down by gravity, when we see a person's mortal remains, they can seem to be immensely relaxed. The need for effort, frenzy, passions everything has fled.

    This is quite close to the state we let ourselves achieve of our own volition, when we lie down in shavasana.

    We need to lie down symmetrically for energy to circulate without stops. The legs stretched out, heels sinking into the floor, the toes need to fall outwards loosely. The arms need to be spread slightly away from the body so there is air between the armpits and upper arms and turn your palms upwards.

    After this run a mental check down the underside of the body and check that the portions touching the mat are sinking into the mat loosely.

    Now get this mental check into the body, starting with the feet. Run your mental glance thorugh every part of the skin, muscle, sinew, ligament, nerve, vein, bone and the marrow within. As you do this allow each bit to get loose and heavy- sinking towards the mat even more fully.

    Once you get to the face, let the jaws drop open and enjoy the feeling of each jaw relaxing and getting heavy. The skin of the face and scalp loosing its taut-ness, allow the eyeballs and brain to sink towards the back of the body.

    Watch the breath enter and leave for a bit.

    Finally let go of every effort and enjoy this state for a while.

    When you have to get up, very slowly roll to the side and lay there allowing yourself to sink into the mat side-ways. Come up to sitting very slowly with the help of the elbows and hands. Let the eyes stay closed and allow yourself to come out of shavasana, initially by wiggling finger and toes and then join your palms at your heart centre for 3 Om- chants or anything else that you would like to chant.

    Open your palms now dear reader and carress the face, neck and entire body.

    Carry this rejuvenation with you through the day :)

                          Shavasana. Young woman doing yoga exercises in the lush tropical garden - stock photo

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    21 April 2014

    Radiating from the inside out in asana practise

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    The six limbs of the body ( head, tail end of the spine, the two arms, two legs) connect to one another through the core of the body. The initiation of movement through the core to the limbs and from the limbs back to the core is called "navel radiation" - Donna Farhi.

    Here we are taken right back to the embryo where as a foetus all the nourishment and elimination happened through the umbilical chord a bit like the starfish which radiates outward with its sensitive extremities extending and feeding back into its central mouth.

                             Starfish on the beach - stock photo

     And now dear reader it is time to be introduced to Navel Radiation as taught by Donna Farhi a well known yoga teacher and writer and other greats, both in yoga and dance.

     It is a pattern of breath, movement and energetic connection starting at the belly centre and radiating outwards to any one or a combination of the six limbs as mentioned before.

    It is movement flowing in undulating waves from the centre to the periphery and back again.
    As you read this allow your eyes to flutter shut. Drop the awareness to the navel and check if the stomach is clenched or soft. If it is clenched let it go lose/soft.

    Now visualize the breath as it begins at the stomach as an inhale and spreads into the six limbs, feel the gentle movement this causes, a sort of inflating of our body shaped balloon. With the exhale find a gentle drawing back motion or deflating. Alongside get aware of the lengthening of the spine with each inhale and a dropping back into place with each exhale. This in a simple manner is navel radiation to my understanding and awakens the dormant energetic connection within the entire body.

    Applying this to an Asana, dear reader we would have to use a three step process to guide us into any asana.
    1. Checking every now and then that our core is mobile and breathing, as opposed to being held taut.
    2. Check that this mobile core area is connected/aligned to the periphery or the six limbs.
    3. Allow the breath to gently move the body, as against holding our body stiff. Being aware of the air moving through the whole body and its gentle inflating-deflating movement, like a tide that ebbs and flows.

    This is again the tip of the iceberg but I'm sure with some rumination and a little practical application it will all be crystal clear. I bid adieu for today and will resurface tomorrow with the alphabet T-related topic.

                                              3d rendered illustration - human fetus month 7 - stock photo

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    19 April 2014

    Quiet from the inside-Pockets of peace


                                                                           Pockets of Peace
                                                                    In the midst of jarring noise
                                                                    There are tingling tinkles of
                                                                        Twinkle-toed sound.

                                                                In between the maze of mockery
                                                                       There are faces of mercy.

                                                               In the midst of the pollutants of life
                                                                   There are breaths of fresh air.

                                                                         In the daily processes
                                                                           We are kept whole
                                                                   By out tiny pockets of peace.
    Dear reader,
                      This poem is one of my published ones, written when I was in college. I thought of it as a befitting start to my post on Quiet from the inside


    One may seem like a gregarious  extrovert from the outside but what do we know of their inner life. This seems to me to tie in nicely with my Yoga/well-being related theme.

    Unless we have a place within us which could be the exhale-inhale( one of my places) where would we go when we want some quiet and the outer world is all a myriad noise-making bazaar.

    You could have a place outside of yourself which brings you the quiet you need, for eg: a garden, your terrace, a certain quiet temple, a friend who epitomizes quiet anything...anywhere. 

    The quiet that you thus draw from outside of you, then to my understanding takes you deep within your own self and into your own pocket of peace.

    A friend posted a beautiful saying on Fb today, "God is the space between two thoughts."

    This space is the quiet within :)


    Ps. What are your pockets of peace? What do you do when you want to get into a quiet place within you? Do share. 

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