11 April 2014

Just this- a poem

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                                                                             Just this

                                                     'Just this' is the story of life
                                                     The first breath to the last 
                                                     We come in bawling
                                                     journeying through a tunnel
                                                     A first of many sojourns

                                                     Many a folly that amounts to nothing
                                                     hungering, hankering, demanding, relinquishing
                                                     Trying to be all sorts, not knowing
                                                     That we already are

                                                     What are we doing here pray?
                                                      Looking for meaning, making meaning
                                                      sometimes where there is none

                                                      Loving, hating, feeling vile feelings
                                                      allowing the mind to throw us back and forth
                                                      From past to future- future to the past
                                                      Stuck inside our heads

                                                      As if we are a big giant head and no more.

                                                      One big tsunami could sweep us away
                                                       in an instant
                                                       our hankerings, our diamonds, our vendettas
                                                       all washed away
                                                      For everything is 'Just this'
                                                      and nothing else.

Follow me on twitter @whitefielder
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