17 April 2014

O for Om/Aum, vibration of the supreme

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Om or Aum is the amalgamation of three sounds. A-U-M
Considered the most basic yet all encompassing symbol of Hinduism it has a corresponding sound, a sound that mystics consider to be the Primeval sound. The vibration of the Supreme. A vibration the energy of which was the beginning of creation.

The Om is venerated by Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism as far as I know.

When I was about ten I read a superb novel by Gurudutt, a hindi writer, Prabhat Bela- a work of fiction based on this belief. This novel and the extra-ordinarily lovely thought behind it left an imprint on my psyche. Somehow I had to share this with you dear reader. Now let's get back to more about the Om or Aum.

The object of profound contemplation and Dhyana, not only the whole Aum but also each of the three sounds, A-U-M is supposed to have the highest spiritual efficacy and chanted in the beginning at the end of most Mantras.

It is the essence, the meaning of everything, a sound which heals, soothes, calms and opens up everything that needs opening within us. It grounds, balances and is a wonderfully simple tool for voice-culture too.

Chanting the Om sound as a long drawn sound, using the entire torso space to make the sound- lengthens the exhale, increases lung capacity, sends massaging-soothing vibrations into the organs and allows the brain to function in a better capacity.

It is supposed to encompass everything and so knowing the Om is knowing everything.

This little post of mine is a tiny glimpse and it is up-to you dear reader to contemplate/delve into this further, if you so wish. Here are various symbols used for the primal sound, if you move your cursor over the symbol you will get to know the associated script.






I leave you today with this representation of the Ik Onkaar, the Om symbol in Sikhism, in the Gurmukhi script.

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