2 April 2014

Breath- the one true companion

Children astound us with their boundless energy.Follow me @whitefielder
Most of us remember the exuberance and unending energy of our own early youth when we breathed with relaxed open bellies and as a result had an almost limitless supply of energy. Then we unconsciously began and learn and change our breathing patterns. 
                    Now, as grown-ups we find ourselves trying to reawaken this aliveness- turning to artificial methods like caffeine, sugar, nicotine or doses of vitamins and herbs. We feel agitated and try to quell our unease with all manner of things. We subsist on the excitement of one fleeting moment after another using our various obsessions to temporarily ignite us.
             Yet, all through we have a suspicion that we could feel better, more at peace, more energetic, and that something undefinable is missing from our lives.
                 What we do not know that the answer to this lies within us- in the powerful, full bodies breath we breathed as children. The very ebb and flow of life.
We draw our first breath as soon as we leave our mother's body. A breath that fills our every cell with energy and kick starts our every organ. A baby's breath moves it's entire body, the soft belly rising and falling freely. If you like start becoming aware of the stomach. Are we keeping it tight and clenched, thus breathing mainly from the upper body? Every now and then, throughout the day let's wander back to the stomach and let it loosen and free up with every exhale.
        Breath is the one thing that stays with us through life and come what may, we keep breathing. But when the stomach and chest gets constricted, the free flowing river of Prana, the vital life force, that flows through us gets restricted, reducing a strong stream to a trickle.
                This can single handedly lead to myriad problems on every layer of being.
        When the last breath leaves our body we are no more, at least not in the current form. Our one companion, let us keep it free and it will free us in turn.

First of all the twinkling stars vibrated
But remained motionless in space
Then all the celestial globes were united into one series of movements
Firmament and planets both disappeared
But the mighty breath which gives life to things
And in which all is bound up- remained.
                              -Vincent Van Gogh

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