24 April 2014

Unlearn to truly learn

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Unlearn to truly learn is my topic for today, dear Reader.

If we want to fill the pot with nectar, let's say and it is at present full of something else,  we have three options to choose from:

                               1. Pour the nectar into the already full pot.
                  2. Ignore/ throw away the nectar.
                                                       3. Empty out the pot and then fill it with the nectar at hand.

It is up to each of us to choose one of the options. It is up to us to give ourselves the permission to make a choice.

When we are full of 'knowledge' the kind that comes with bits of paper as proof or the kind that we have amassed, our idea of the self, the 'ego' tells us we are scholars. 

The egoic self, made up of our own flow of thoughts, is heavily invested in what the people around us think/say of us. Can we allow ourselves freedom from this?

To be able to discriminate between false knowledge, 'Avidya' and true knowledge, the one that already resides within our deepest recesses has to be possible. Can we allow ourselves the Freedom to 'think' and 'feel' deeply so we can let one drain out, making place for the other? Or actually can we allow the gross matter to fall off, to reveal what is hiding right under it?

Reminds me of the timeless chant- Asato maa sat gamaya, Tamaso maa jyotirgamaya, Mrityormaa amritam gamaya.

Full of one thing, there is no place for the other. To get some place else we have to leave the current destination behind.

Set my inner bird free 
Free of the fetters 
That I place on my Self

Is the only path that will get me anywhere
Anywhere that is worth getting to
Anywhere within me that is worth Being.

Empty me of all the weight
Weight I have amassed
Thinking rocks were gems
Thinking all that shone was precious.

Free from what/who I think I am
Take me to the learning within.

Shattered dancer.image of female dancer jumping. Shatterd and disolve effect added in Photoshop.  - stock photo

People who are veritable lighthouses, shining from illumination from within and without are usually the most flexible, accepting and childlike. Dr. Abdul Kalaam Aazad and the Dalai Lama spring to mind. There are many others that you will think of dear reader, starting from your parents maybe, a teacher, a Guru, do share.
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