20 July 2009

Little imp

My little one turned 3 and is two months past that in a jiffy. She is growing and changing. The enormity of being a mum is driven home each day. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with love and pleasure for all the love and caring little Garima showers me with. Just this morning she pressed my back with her tiny fingers as she knows by now that her mamma has a bit of a back ache most days. Anyone who has had the good fortune of such a treatment by a child knows the immense joy little hands can bring, soothing, loving and easing away any discomfort. She seems to have a knack and could well be a little physio in the making. Who knows....or a little chef, dancer, singer, cricketer, academic....anything at all.
I see the little mind ticking away, absorbing information from everywhere, repeating verbatim so many things she hears the people around her say, inventing new games and pranks each day and at all times living life fully as only a child knows how to.
Worrisome thoughts flit across my mind as I listen to conflicting theories of child rearing from the near and dear. I wonder if I,m giving her too much attention, being too soft and yielding. Am I doing everything in her best interest, to help her lead her life in a balanced manner etc etc.
Suddenly the little imp calls out for me after her noontime siesta and clambers on to my lap for a hug. Everything falls in place. Love is the best guide and to trust it is my best bet.