21 March 2014

Theme reveal- A to Z challenge

                                                Theme Reveal

I am a debutante blogging challenger (hope that sounds right). When I came across the A to Z blogging challenge for April 2014 I thought that was just the thing to enliven my blog and connect with fellow bloggers.
Today is the day of Revelations so here's a curtain raiser on what my theme for april will be.

I let my mind meander through all the myriad things that interest me- from glowworms to clay chulhas and finally I found a theme.
                             Yoga, well being and all things related will be my chosen theme. Under this rather large umbrella theme I hope to dance from topic to topic touching a wide-range of interesting subjects, which could be the essence of yoga, mindfulness, breathing, how yoga hones creativity, sutras of yoga and how I translate them into the modern day, healthful eating, true prosperity, contentment, lack of ease- disease. There are thousands of things to mull over and write about.
               Hope you all enjoy this journey as much as I will, as we flit from blog to blog, savoring delights that each participating blogger has no doubt prepared with care....
                          I welcome every reader that chances my way from my Heart and look forward to the imprint you will leave behind as comments, all precious gifts. I am also looking forward to reading many a blog and leaving my own comments behind.

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And here is the link to all the bloggers doing the Theme Reveal today Theme reveal

3 March 2014

Dream-weavers A tribute to henna artists

Have I ever seen a dream emerge
Out of the air while I was awake?

On the palms of people
lines, curls, whorls nestling into each other
Opening unhurriedly

The dream-weaver casts her spell
pulling it out of her own being
the mind the body the spirit in fusion

Quiet as a spider
wise and inward-bound
one weaves with its body-silk
the other dips her finger in her soul
for silk, equally guazy-ephemeral-strong

Allowing her dreams to unfurl
onto another's palm
spelling out love, harmony, fulfillment, abundance.