26 September 2015

Wholesome sleep- some tips

As the pace of life changes some of our most basic functions start to get affected. I have heard friends and acquaintances rue the fact that it's become hard to get regular unbroken beauty sleep. Everything starts to get affected and this has been a post I have been wanting to write for the last few months. I am sure dear reader that you know many or most of what I have put together. This post may serve as just a memory booster and you may be able to pick out something for your own use and benefit from it. Let me know what you think in the comments :)

1.Soon after waking up stay in bed for a minute, feeling thankful for every good thing you have in life and say a prayer/shloka if you like.

2.Do not get into soical media asap on waking up.

3.No caffiene at all. If you love your coffee and cannot do without it then if possible just 1 cup in the morning.

4.Develop a favourite ritual from one hour before bedtime. This could range from reading, writing, sitting with family and anything else that strikes your fancy and is calming.

5.Get rid of all electronic gadgets and lit up screens including phone(except for receiving calls) from 1 hour before bedtime.
The artificial blue light from televisions, computers, smart phones and tablets suppresses the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, making the body think it’s time to be active, instead of asleep.
Recommendation: Refrain from using electronics right before bed and especially in the middle of the night.
6.Eat a balanced and easy to digest meal which is almost digested when you go to bed. Never eat just before bedtime.

7.Sit silently for 5 mins before you sleep and do the alternate nostril breath- anulom vilom.

8. Associate the bed with sleep only, so try not to do anything else lounging on the bed during the day.

9.Have a warm cup of hot chocolate about an hour before bed.

10.Get lavender essential oil and put 1 drop on your pillow or use it in an essential oil burner.

11.In ancient Indian and Chinese cultures, it’s known that the proper orientation of your bed can enhance the quality of your sleep.
Recommendation: When possible, sleep with your head facing south. Keep the head of the bed a couple of inches from the wall and as far away from the entrance to the room as possible.

12.The body’s natural sleep cycle responds best to routines. Going to bed at the same time every night will trigger deep sleep much more often than maintaining an erratic schedule.
Recommendation: Go to bed around the same time every night.

13.Scan your body slowly from foot to head, letting go of any clenching you come across in any part of the body. Once this is done send out a prayer blessing every being in your own words or if you have a favourite shloka say it in your min.

14.Don't expect the quality of your sleep to improve dramatically overnight. Expecting it to do so may stress you out, and stress works against your interests.
Recommendation: Allow the quality of your sleep to slowly adjust to your new bedroom etiquette over a longer period of time

 Lucky last tip- Try to sleep around the same time everyday :)

I sign off with a prayer to the universe and a picture from the Elephanta caves- 'May every sentient being sleep blissfully and wake up joyfully