7 April 2014

Food and yoga


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Happy Monday blog world and the world at large :)
My Four lettered F word is food. Good food never fails to paint a Garfield'ian grin on my face and make my insides dance when I'm eating it.
The endorphins it releases, the burst of flavours on the palate, the appeal food has to every sense of mine makes it an immensely fulfilling experience. And like with anything an imbalanced passion for it can lead us down a different path.
            The addiction to food as with any other addiction is simply a filling up of some hole within our psyche or emotions. Instead of looking for this dent within ourselves and straightening it out, we can resort to various crutches and hang on to it until we are forced to let go of it by one rude shock or the other.
                       I will share one Gem that one of my earlier Yoga teachers from SVYASA Bangalore, Dr. Nagendra shares in his lectures. He calls it 'Happiness Analysis'.
                        When we eat a rasgulla or anything we like, we feel a rush of pleasant feelings. The mind becomes still with one second or a few seconds where thought ceases to exist. This is bliss. Wanting to extend this feeling we eat ten rasgullas. Result- diabetes, obesity and other things.
                          Instead if we know what we are doing, we apply the 'slowing down' principle of yoga. We take just one rasgulla and instead of gobbling it up, we eat it in small bites-slowly-enjoying and aware of enjoying the taste, texture, the burst of endorphins in the body and everything we are feeling.
                          This will make it such a complete experience that the greed will evaporate. Simple.
Easier said than done, I know.Try it and see what happens :)
This one's a great tool for de-addiction with anything or from anyone.

                                         A box of doughnuts from a recent food-orgy at my niece's birthday. I ate one of the plain sugary ones :D


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