15 October 2015

Yoga retreat- Glenbarr Farmstay- Of Oms and Moo's

Yoga Retreat

To retreat generally means to me to take a step back from something.
So what would this mean when juxtaposed with Yoga dear readers?

Being a savvy lot I'm sure you already know what this is all about.
Retreating from a regular life, it's hustle-bustle just for a little while can be soothing, rejuvenating, joyful and even daunting to some.

I am hosting a weekend retreat from 23rd Oct to 25th Oct along with Jacqui Dobrilla, Charlton Lane- all of us are fully qualified and accredited Hatha Yoga Teachers.

Throughout the weekend you can enjoy guided asana (pose) practice, meditation, pranayama (breath work techniques), an evening of Kirtan (chanting), and delicious vegetarian meals all prepared for you to top up your post yoga bliss.

Cherise who will cook for us is herself a Yoga teacher and a magician with rustling up scrumptious, colourful and varied vegetarian meals.

I will do my best to gorge on the bliss-food and put on a kilo of Bliss-weight during the weekend alongside of teaching Asana, Pranayam and singing Bhajans by the bonfire.

It's green as green can be, the air is clean, surroundings old country style and bird-song is broken only by our chanting Oms and the cows Moo's.

There is a link in the end with all the information and registration forms etc.

I wish I could have you all at Glenbarr too :)