9 April 2014

Heart chakra- Anahata and easing the heart.

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Actually the Heart chakra or Anahata chakra and how we can open any blocks in it simply through the Trikonasana or Triangle pose coupled with mindfulness.

                         Why have I chosen this chakra? It is the day for alphabet H no doubt but also we are creatures of emotion and the Heart chakra is the one that takes the most severe battering as we negotiate the ups and downs of life.

                           Have you felt a tightness/heaviness in and around the heart area when something has dealt you a crushing blow? This could be a harsh word, a hurt of any kind, anything that makes the emotional balance go awry. I know I have.

                           When I learnt about the Chakras and ways of easing them up I found that just by sitting with my eyes closed, aware of my inhale-exhale and keeping my focus on this knot of pain/unease it usually began to melt away. Greater the hurt-tighter the knot-more the time taken, of course.

                            When I miscarried in the fourth month, two times, each time I would wake up with a heavy heart and after my morning cuppa, sit and allow myself to be aware of it and nothing else. It took me at least a month each time to lighten the weight, but it did get progressively lighter and lighter.

                              Trikonasana is a standing asana of strength and expansion.
The arms-chest-lungs are all in expansion and so is the hip. Finger-tips of both hands are gently stretching away from each other. The picture below is from the anatomy.net site and if you look at it, you will see how well the chest region is stretched out. The coloured areas are of the muscles that are actively at work.

Any asana that expands the region that a chakra is located in is good for easing and opening up that region. So Asana-Dhyana(Mindful awareness) are the twin tools that support each other, always.

           Ideally work with an asana to stretch/ expand a particular region/regions and then sit down or lay yourself down in Shavasana for Dhyana and allow the awareness to flow from the Muladhara(base) chakra to the Sahasrara(crown)chakra and back in a loop.
With this I bid you bye for today, have yourself a lovely day and do come back tomorrow :)
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