5 April 2014

E for Energy- a poem.

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After the first five posts in prose the log demanded something different in my favourite genre, for the sixth letter E, the last one for this week :D


                                         Energy is you and I and the limitless sky
                                         that flows in, around and through us
                                         The thought-its flow-and that which thinks.

                                         It is every feeling, every clench-unclench
                                         Of muscle, sinew and expansive heart.

                                         Energy is the memory of what we carry from
                                         Pre-embryonic places.
                                         It is the Un-self
                                         It is the Now.

                                         It is the One big primeval breath
                                         the air of which circulates starting
                                         from immemorial times
                                         recycled from dinosaur, to fish, to primate
                                         It is the Now.

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