23 August 2008

Little dictator

My baby turned into a toddler and she is 2 yrs and 3 months in the blink of an eye .So does all our life whizz past I guess in a whirr of sound and blur of activity and non activity .Some moments stand out and stay on in the minds eye to be re-lived at leisure or in old age .
Garima is a pundit of the spoken word by now and converses freely and often with us and understand concepts of love and friendship amongst others and their expression ,so much so that she puts her wee arm around my shoulders and says "babba is mammas friend" and gives a smile that would put cherubs to shame. Wonder how that classic gesture of friendship came to her .
To her everything must have a papa and mamma .So a group of soap bubbles will have a babba , papa and a mamma bubble and so will a bunch of flowers or leaves or even dots .I get asked a series of "what that' and what this 'when she comes across anything new which is all day and "what this name" for what that object is called .
She wants to put on our shoes for us which is a herculean and impossible task for her and they must be the ones that she wants us to wear .The hardnosed little dictator also has such a sense of order and symmetry that she will make us put anything that we take from any shelf in a shop or at home back in exactly the same spot in the same position .Taking this further on some evenings she gets it into her head that her dad and I and anyone else in the room must sit exactly with the same posture with our legs and feet in similar positions the distance between the feet being the same too :0)