30 April 2016

Zzzzzz The cosmic sleep of Sri Vishnu. Letter Z of the # a to z challenge.

A to Z challenge
You sleep on the primordial waters of chaos
The Ksheerasagara- ocean of milk
Transcendantal consciousness that is Brahman
Every potentiality stays poised within you.

Ananta Shayana meaning one who rests
Atop the infinite Shesha Naaga*
Omni present- omni potent
Creator of the creative urge that is Brahma*

All pervasive, ever present.
We look all over- in any
Nook of the cosmos- any 
Other cosmos it is you, it is You.

All of us in you and you in us
This is how it is, for it is you- that
Resides in this shell, as the light and 
Airy element, that which escapes

When the rest of us falls to dust 
Back to you, the energy that runs everything.

You, that defies description
And we that love forms
We make such a pair
You, manifestation of everything beautiful

We that run after shadows
Give us a pinch of your cosmic sleep
Oh lord, so we float above the ocean
We live in, detached as much as needed

Poised within ourselves, in touch
With the infinity inside our own self.

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A to Z challengeI am writing poetry based on Indian mythology/history for the April 2016 A to Z challenge. Please read, comment and share freely and do come back :)
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