8 April 2016

Ganga the redeemer- Alphabet G # a to z challenge

 A to Z challenge         
  Part - 1

The many named one
Ganga, Bhagirathi, Thripataga

Sri Vishnu as Vamana
Pierced some other world 
With his toe
And you seeped through that hole

First washing over His feet
  Thus becoming ever venerated
     To settle in Swarga
          Swirling in your own waters

Until sent down to Earth by Brahma
On Bhagirath's plea
To free his ancestors
Accursed sons of Sagara

You came with 
A thundering majesty
Deciding to wash off  Martyaloka altogether
But wait

You were locked as you dropped
In the tresses of the Ascetic of Kailasa
And had to calm your flow
You had no other go

Before you redeemed those souls
And flowed down to Patala
You left behind a steady stream
Of blessings for us mortals.

Part - 2

Married to King Santanu
In beauteous mortal form
All of it pre-planned
To free the Vasus

On the condition that
You be not questioned
Love-lorn Shantanu agreed
But could not bear

The sight of you drowning
Son after son
And lost you when he
Stopped you at the eighth

Image result for shantanu and ganga 
 True to word you left,
Baby Devavrat in your arms
And brought him back when older
One who became the Pitaamaha
Of the mighty Kuru clan

One known for the toughest pledge
The one and only-Bhishma
Finally freed on the bed of arrows
In the Mahabharata war

You flowed pristine and shimmering
Blessing and redeeming
All your children through the ages
The masses still thronging
Half-heeding of the Sages

Mother you need our care today
We dare not turn our backs
For what sort of an offspring would that be
That smote thy loving hand.

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A to Z challenge

I am writing poetry based on Indian mythology/history for the April 2016 A to Z challenge. Please read, comment and share freely and do come back :)

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