15 April 2016

Mandodari. Letter M for the # a to z challenge

A to Z challange
Apsara Hema and Mayasura
Gave you birth, beauty most divine
You in turn had three stout lads
Meghnad, Atikaya, Akshayakumara

Once married off to Ravana of Lanka
On his forceful behest
Despite your father's angst
You agreed for you knew

Of Ravana's learning and his love
For Shiva but knew not that all of this
Was a sham for it did not help
The man lead a good life

You were chaste, epitome of 
Everything a woman was convinced she could be 
Had he followed your sage advice
Ravana could have been immortalised

But where dear reader may I ask
Is found wisdom combined 
With strength enough to take
Advice and put it to task

For sure, not where there is arrogance 
And pride combined, with power
Poor lady she tried all she could 
And never did convince her spouse
A to Z challenge

To return Mother Sita where she belonged
Who would have her own plights galore
Even after being rescued and Lanka thronged
By Sri Rama, Lakshmana and the Vaanar sena

Anyhow returning to our original heroine
She shed bitter tears when widowed and 
Issued many a curse and none benign
Finally as the written evidence goes

She married Vibhishana the just new king
Brother of Ravana, devotee
Of Sri Rama and lived a life of
Blessed tranquility.
*Vaanar Sena- Army of monkeys
*Apsara- Celestial nymph

I am writing poetry based on Indian mythology/history for the April 2016 A to Z challenge. Please read, comment and share freely and do come back :)

A to Z challenge

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