29 April 2016

Yudhishtira son of Yama. Letter Y of the # a to z challenge.

A to Z challenge
There is something amiss
I cannot quite understand
Do tell me dear reader if you
Perchance figure it out.

Kunti's son from Yama*
Righteous and chaste was he
However being a mortal man
Prone to blunder and gaffe

Let us not judge, let us not call names
Simply run a glance over one
Incident that wrenches the heart
Yudhishtira it seems had one flaw

A vice that many a person has.
Stumbled on and lost all he/she had.
And so he gambled away his kingdom
And wealth which is not all-

He also lost his brothers and their
Common wife* to a blind and arrogant lot.
Draupadi was dis-robed in front of a
Full court, only the mercy of Sri Krishna

Rushing to her rescue in the form of an
Endless length of cloth. 
What may he have felt, this son of Yama
Seeing a sight such as that....

The rules of the game sacro-sanct so
Much so that none of the five husbands
Could help the damsel out. What a pity and
What a plight, with all the elders present

Not one could give her a hand. Oh! if only
She had married Karna the brave, she would
Never have had the mishap, thought she afterwards
In secret to herself, never knowing alas

That it was Karna who was the eldest one
That Mother Kunti had begat.
Alas, for everyone and for the son of Yama himself,
Had he been with them right from the start,

Never the war would be fought, for I suspect
Karna would have stopped short at many a point
Or gone ahead in every respect.
But what can be done now dear reader

All we can do is think back, conjecture and 
Hope to learn from Yudhishtira and all the 
Pandava and Kaurava band, what misery one can 
Go through, for the sake of one's land.


A to Z challengeI am writing poetry based on Indian mythology/history for the April 2016 A to Z challenge. Please read, comment and share freely and do come back :)

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