11 April 2016

Invincible Faith- Prahlad - Letter I

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Dear reader let us again
You and I, plunge into
The tale we left half
Of the mighty asura Hiranyakshipu.

Every being quaked under his threat
Acquiesing to his divinity
All except his gentle progeny
Prahlad 'the one who was Joy filled'

Pampering and the rod both futile
Prahlad stuck on to his love
Of his deity- Narayan
Seeds sowed when he was unborn

Bloomed into a large tree
Of faith unshakeable
Hiranyakashipu tried every way
Of un-lifing the steady boy

Snakes, venom, elephants
And the last and strongest try
Holika, the asura's sister
Sat on a pyre with Prahlad on her lap

A to Z challenge

Sure the tot would burn
Certain of being safe herself
From the boon she had earned
However things went askew
To the dismay of the mighty parent

Holika burned, while the little
Child sat with palms folded
And this is why now we
Dear reader celebrate the
Holika dahan and Holi

Hiranyakashipu ground his teeth
Demanding of his son
Proof of the existence
Of the one he deified
In a palace pillar

Smiting it asunder with a mace
His laughter rang out loud
To be stopped midway by an
Emerging figure, half-beast half-man
Striking fear in all hearts.

A to Z challenge

All but the little boy quaked
Belief and knowing writ large on face
Narasimha this was dear reader
An avatar that came to vanquish evil
In answer to the universal plea

He fulfilled all conditions
Of Brahma's boon and so
The asura was decimated
By one that was not man
Nor by a weapon- by claws.

Not in the night or day
It was dusk
Not in nor out- on the threshold
Not on earth or space
On the thighs of the Lord

The asura met his end
While the raging Lord
Could be calmed down by no one
Apart from the gentle prayers
Of his little devotee

Prahlad- filled with devotion
Intermingled with sorrow
For the loss of a father, though not benign
Lived on to be great and good
One of the most powerful Asura Kings to ever reign.

A to Z challengeI am writing poetry based on Indian mythology/history for the April 2016 A to Z challenge. Please read, comment and share freely and do come back :)

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