27 April 2016

Wonder of mythology. Letter W of the # a to z challenge.

A to Z challenge
Simple song I bring you today
While I take a breather
To stop short and wonder on

This eternal-timeless ocean
That our love never seems to end on.
Lots of it real history,

Some of it not.
Every tale of peerless beauty
And lessons to match,

For the wise and merry alike
For epicure and saint.
Take your pick dear reader-

There are pearls aplenty if you want
And there is huge and searing pain
Agony and ecstasy abound.

In this heavenly harmony all is open for the taking,
What you choose is yours to keep, for learning and thinking, 
Perhaps even further to dig, delve and maybe get reading .
A to Z challenge

A to Z challenge

I am writing poetry based on Indian mythology/history for the April 2016 A to Z challenge. Please read, comment and share freely and do come back :)

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