25 April 2016

Uttara. Letter U for the # a to Z challenge

Uttara danced the day away
Only stopping to untie her anklets
When the Sun began his descent
In the Matsya kingdom
The daughter of King Viraata
And her teacher Brihannala,
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Arjuna in eunuch dance-teacher form
A curse that turned blessing in disguise
To the Pandava Princes in their year of
Agyaatvaas, where living incognito they
Spent the year somehow.
Later on the princess became

The self-same Arjuna's daughter-in-law
Wife of the young and valiant Abhimanyu
Young- beautiful couple, they were until
The war and the fateful thirteenth day
Took him away and she was left alone
Widowed too soon.
A to Z challenge

Parikshith in your womb and you
Managed to stay alive and sane.
Thanks be to God for that, as this
Son of yours went on to be surviving
King of Hastinapur. The kingdom which caused
The Mahabharata war, was his and then

Passed to your grandson Janamejaya.
How did you spend your days young lass
Apart from bringing up your son....
Did nightmares haunt you of the Chakravyuha*
Which your brave husband entered to save his uncle
Knowing full well that he knew only the entry,

Or did his courage and valour fill you with pride
Giving you the strength to carry on, instead of
Giving up on life. Blessed was he and blessed you were
For holding on with your head held high,
When all you must have wanted to do- lie down and die
You didn't. You proved to be truly Abhimanyu's bride.
A to Z challenge

A to Z challengeThe Chakravyūha or Padmavyūha was a special formation (Vyuha), and knowledge of how to penetrate it was limited to only a handful of warriors on the Pandavas' side: namely Abhimanyu, Arjuna, Krishna and Pradyumna, of which only Abhimanyu was present at the most-famous occasion of its use. Because he had never learnt to escape the formation, he was trapped upon entry and fought alone. After Abhimanyu had penetrated the sixth tier of the formation, all the Kauravas' commanders attacked him simultaneously, against the righteous rules of warfare Dharmayuddha, and gradually exhausted and killed him.


I am writing poetry based on Indian mythology/history for the April 2016 A to Z challenge. Please read, comment and share freely and do come back :)
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