2 April 2016

A for Ahalya- my first poetic offering to the #a to z challenge

Day one of the A to Z challenge and I am taking it up the second time. The first time round was in 2014 where I chose Yoga and well-being.
This year poetry it is, multi-hued poetry of many an emotion ranging from country, history, humour, satire, the universe, family and love. Most of these I will try to bring on the vehicle of Indian tales and mythology.
Dear readers I hope to see you here day after day reading and leaving behind valuable feedback.
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This poem is based on the famed Ahalya, wife of Rishi Gautam. You can read her story here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahalya

 #a to z challenge

you lay there in wait
many a thousand year
by the Divine touch

Indra came to you
disguised and eager
and your master cursed you both
you turned to stone.

What passed through you
I wonder

Were you completely stony
or did you think and yearn
to be a woman once more
agile and alive

You knew you had to wait
and that your wait had an end
you were somewhat fortunate
did you know that?

To wait endlessly
and not know if the
curse will ever break
if the Divine presence
will ever be felt
is an eternity of un-being.

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