22 April 2016

Shachi and Indra, a poem in two parts. Letter S of the # a to z challenge.

                     Part 1
One of the seven-matrikas- Devi Shachi
Indrani- wife of Indra, Paulomaja
Daughter of Pauloma the asura king

Possessed of beauty and light
She was chosen for a bride,
By Indra the leader of the Devas.

In Swarga she dwells and rides
The white elephant- Airavata
Along with the God she wed

Who won her after protracted battle
With Asura Vritra and that tale
Is under the letter D for Dadhichi

For Vritra wreaked havoc on the three worlds
And wanted Devi Shachi's hand in marriage
While Indra had already lost his heart to her

Only after vanquishing Vritra
He was able to meet in wedlock
The Goddess power most divine.
Image result for free picture Indra and Shachi

                      Part 2
Such a powerful beauty, you, Shachi devi
When the same Indra lusted after other beauties
Losing his lofty place to one asura after the other

All the while, I wonder did you feel
Similar feelings to what a mortal woman would.
Our tomes abound in tales where he

Your husband, changed guise to delude and seduce
His radiance dimmed by extreme fondness of Soma
Did your love turn to disgust...

Yet Indra meant the Best of all,
Devendra, despite everything stayed
Leader of the Devas

His name suffixed to mean superlative
Best amidst men- Manavendra
Best of the Raghu kul- Raghavendra

An interesting mix of this and that,
Shachi devi such was your consort.


I am writing poetry based on Indian mythology/history for the April 2016 A to Z challenge. Please read, comment and share freely and do come back :)
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