5 April 2016

Dadheechi or Dadhyanga for alphabet D of the # a to z challenge

Blessed by Shiva
Diamond hard boned
The man- Rishi Dadheechi

Each boon, each curse knitted together
In cosmic design
Deigned to bring out one
Support another

The asura Vritra- invincible till defeated
Stole all water from the Universe
Aiming at the vanquishment
Of humans and Devas alike

Indra- thrown out of his celestial kingdom as usual
Approached Vishnu
Vishnu the Sustainer explained
The need for weaponry made from bones
Of the Sage

The Devas approached Dadheechi
To explain their need

Dadheechi softened by the cumulative plight
Even faced by the man who had cut
Off his head earlier- Indra

Ashwini Kumars use of the Madhu vidya
Bringing back his Prana
Son of Maharshi Atharva and Chitta
The diamond boned immortal one
Who Dwelt in Naimisharanya

Withdrew within himself and let the life-force
Back whence it came
Once he partook of the blessings of all sacred rivers
Right where he sat

His flesh peeled off
Thunderbolt carved out
The might Vajrayudha-his spine
Other bones smaller weapons
Vritra was dissolved

All evil dispersed
From the austere bones
Of one most compassionate
Immortal Dadhyanga.
A to Z challenge  * Dadheech Brahmans are said to be descendants of Maharshi Dadheechi.
* His father wrote the Atharva Veda

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