18 April 2016

Ominscient Being. Letter O # a to z challenge

A to Z challenge
Omniscient Being you were born
Sometimes from human womb
Other times from thin air

*Ten times we know you came 
To set things right and perhaps
You have come again and again

How could we know, when we see
Feel and think through thick veils 
Of fake knowledge

Trappings of the mind
Writing down your tales 
We term them myths and Puraan*

It is joyous this perusal of your forms
Of joy, sorrow, heroics and victory of good over evil

In our cell memory of a time that is now
And a time that is long gone.



I am writing poetry based on Indian mythology/history for the April 2016 A to Z challenge. Please read, comment and share freely and do come back :)
A to Z challenge

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