9 April 2016

Hiranyakashipu, Letter H for the # a to z challenge

Jai - Vijay, keepers of Vishnu's gates
Doomed to be born as asuras
Irony of ironies.
Born to Diti and Rishi Kashyap
And yet their lives were doomed
Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksh

Born only to be liberated
By the Divine
Thus this drama unfolds....

A to Z challenge

Hiranyaksh slayed by Vishnu
Fired up Hiranyakashipu
With vengeful thoughts

Brahma as is his wont
Allowed him a
Seemingly impenetrable Boon

Shiva adding on
Pleased with austerity
Endowing him every power

The Gods foreseeing 
The misery about to be
Unleashed on all three worlds

Sped to his palace
While he was away
Attempting to kill his spouse

Kayadhu, Narada intervened
Took the pregnant woman
In his care

At his ashram she stayed
Listening to his chants
Of Narayan Narayan

A to Z challengeAnd every holy vibe
Went through her being
To little Prahlad

Hiranyakashipu,s son
Huddled in the womb
Was filled before birth

With devotion 
For Him who his father 
Hated with all his might

What a sorry plight is this dear reader
What will the father do?
Will the son hold on

Or give in to fear and sway?

Himalayas shook to the roots
With the strength and prowess
Of the mighty Hiranyakashipu

He wielded the rod
And imagined he was

Dear reader keep a sharp eye on the blog here for this tale is to be contd in Invincible faith-Prahlad for letter I of the challenge.

I am writing poetry based on Indian mythology/history for the April 2016 A to Z challenge. Please read, comment and share freely and do come back :)

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