19 April 2016

Paundrak Vasudev. Letter P of the # a to z challenge

A to Z challenge
Dear reader we come to the strange and funny tale
Of Paundraka Vasudev- King of Pundra which lay
Near Magadha, Anga, Vanga, Videha

But first of course we begin with submerging ourselves in
Sri Krishna- the son of Vasudev and Devaki
Looked after by Mother Yashoda and Baba Nand
He who is as blue and limitless as the sky

 His childhood dear reader I thrived on
Dreaming of a Divine playmate like Him
Heard many a story on my mother's lap
And passed down the same to the one on my lap
A to Z challenge
He was Radha's friend Divine
Lover of butter and cows, His flute
Filled hearts and minds with melody
Where even the deaf-mute danced in joy

A to Z challenge

He- dear reader is Beauteous, bountiful, intelligent
A perfect amalgam of all strength and art
The Bhavadgita came to Arjuna through Him,
Dispersing dejection when the time was right.
 A to Z challenge
Such a one unparalleled,
Source of all sources, found
Himself imitated by the King
Of Pundra who in most witless form

Began to dress and to the utmost
Mimic, One who can be loved
Worshipped and adored but not

Sycophant of Jarasandh, the man
Began to call himself Paundrak Vasudev
The real Vasudeva Krishna,
Pronouncing Sri Krishna, un-Divine

Courtiers and flatterers added fuel to fire
Making the fool the biggest of his times.
Finally the only mercy and blessing
Came in the form of the Lord sublime

The fool challenged the Lord to war
Demanding the Sudarshan Chakra
The bow Saranga, Kaumodaki the mace,
Panchajanya the conch and the sword Nandaka.

These were the divine weaponry
That adorned Sri Krishna at His beck and call
Krishna met Paundraka and Kasiraja
In the battle of their choice

Personally delivering him dear reader
Rendering him supine
Great folly set to rest he departed
And this is the last of my line.

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I am writing poetry based on Indian mythology/history for the April 2016 A to Z challenge. Please read, comment and share freely and do come back :)

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