6 April 2016

Ekalavya's parting plea- alphabet E for the # A to Z challenge

A to Z challenge

Gurudev- Pranipaat,

Had you asked me for my life
I would have given it up
Had you asked me for my arms I would give them up
All you asked for was a thumb

I the son of the NishaadRaj
King of the outcastes
Nothing was too much to give

You cited my lowly caste
 Refusing to teach
I had to be an archer
That was my lifelong dream

I could not escape my destiny
And so I learned
Looking at your image
Deep within the jungles

That dog whose barking irked
My sadhana I silenced
With a mouth-plug of arrows
Little did I know

You were near
Or I would have rushed to welcome you.

Arjuna my brother in archery
Made insecure
You had to keep your promise
To him

He had to be the greatest Archer
I have no complaint
 But my heart is wrenched
I know people will speak

Finally I got my due
And parted ways with life
At the hands of the blue-hued one
What better way to go

Before I go, though
I write this and hope you will hold me dear
In some corner of your heart.
I hope to come back and be your student once more

ए क ल व् य

* Later, Ekalavya worked as an archer of King  When Jarasandha planned to besiege Mathura , he was aided by Eklavya who was a skillful archer. Eklavya also helped Jarasandha and Shishupal  by chasing Rukmini  while she eloped with Sri Krishna ( This was not uncommon at the time where a woman had the rights to chose her husband and she could go to any extent to protect this right). After Jarasandha's demise, Ekalavya sought to avenge him by campaigning to destroy Kuntibhoj and every Yadav in Dwarka. During the attack, he is slain by Sri Krishna Bhagwan.

I am writing poetry based on Indian mythology/history for the April 2016 #A to Z challenge. Please read, comment and share freely and do come back :)

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