6 June 2014


Fragile- this was the title of a painting on the back cover of the Readers Digest that I sketched a likeness of, one day long long ago. I was doing my Masters degree in English literature at the time, in the green and rainy belt of Karnataka, Malnad.

Stuck at home with blocked sinuses for company I dug up an old file and unearthed the sketch. It brought along with it a predictable whoosh of nostalgia, for the times when I was much more free of heart and mind, unburdened by Samsara, so to say. Besides that slight envy of my own free student self I also felt I had to write a related post and this after almost one month of writing my last post. It just had to be.

Fragile, the word itself conjures up everything soft, tender, breakable- worth protecting and cherishing.

Our lives, our world and its ecology, our children and their all absorbent psych
e, our relationships, our egos- all so fragile, all  in need of our utmost love, care and compassion.

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