8 August 2016

Essence. What I got from the 7 day blog challenge #Barathon

The freezing cold from the last 3 months had seeped into every pore, creativity ebbed low. My blog saw an occassional post. 
                                      Then came the Barathon, at just the right time. I decided to write very short posts unlike my A to Z challenge posts which one way or the other tend not to be short. My blog began to smile and cheer up with daily visits from me and friendly bloggers and readers. 
                        Om, Omkaara and Takshak emerged and wove there way in and out of my 7 day tale. The three of them, the monkey, various animals and I, thanks all of you who read and cheered me on from start to finish. 
                              The writing muscles got their much needed exercise and also the Sun has begun to visit us a little more, the last few days perking everyone up around here. Hob nobbing with the other bloggers brought cheer and warmth. Manuscripts lying around have begun to be gathered up with a new vigour and resolve. 
                                      Kudos to the admin team at the BAR. Congratulations to everyone who took part in any way. Now I am off to read and comment.
                                                        Field Of Poppies, Sun, Spring, Nature

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