5 August 2016

A tiny tale part 5 Day#5 #Barathon #Blogarhythm

The pair gambolled, at ease with their surroundings, at one with the animals. A large thorn pierced Om's foot and he stopped to remove it and gaze at the red liquid drops on his under foot. In the meantime Omkaara had curled into a ball on a patch of grass and fallen asleep. Om walked away. He came upon a lake and jumped in and flailed his arms and legs in abandon. Emerging in a while he made his way back and fell asleep beside Omkaara.
               Grass and dry leaves rustled. Animals, big and small scurried off to hide. Takshak looked at the sight with glee. His prey was right in front of him, but oh no, they had fallen asleep. He had to wake them up somehow. He wanted to be done and go back to where the Sun did not shine.
               His fangs emerged witth two tiny shoes at their ends. Shiny material of mirage, he was an adept at this trick he had learned on his grandpa's lap, a hundred years ago. Moving closer, he tap tapped at Om's wounded foot with the shoes to no avail. Grimacing, he patted Omkaara's arm. She sat up with a start and glared, goggle-eyed at this strange thing with shiny tips.

I am writing a seven part short story as a part of the BARATHON, a week long blog event at Blog-A-Rhythm, each part based on a prompt. Go all teams and in particular #Orange Tango :)

BARATHONOrange Tango

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