6 August 2016

Nearing the end, A tiny tale, Part 6. Day #6 #Barathon

Instinctively she reached out and touched the shiny blobs and then recoiled when she realised that the blobs ended on a dangerous looking visage, different from the animals she had seen.
                    The little shoes had changed into round golden blobs, Takshak noticed. His skills needed brushing up. While he mulled over this, Om woke up too and sat up near Omkaara, staring at what lay in front of them.
                  Coughing out the apple, Takshak placed it near the couple and sped backwards until he was behind a large banyan tree. He watched eagerly, waiting to see the apple eaten. Much to his chagrin the duo ignored the fruit, arose and sped off in the opposite direction.
                     This apple business had started to get harder amd harder on his nerves. The gem he had his eye on would soon be wishful thinking if he didn't change his tactics. At other times, in other places, this had been a piece of cake, thought Takshak, letting out a deep sigh which came hissing out of him.

I am writing a seven part short story as a part of the BARATHON, a week long blog event at Blog-A-Rhythm, each part based on a prompt. Go all teams and in particular #Orange Tango :)


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