4 August 2016

Part 4 of A tiny tale. Day #4 #Barathon #Blogarhythm #Orange Tango

The last time he had been sent on a similar mission, Takshak had been caught red handed, napping on a banyan bough, his belly heavy with his favourite meal of apples and rabbit.
His eyes turned into slits as he firmed his resolve of getting hold of the duo and seducing them into sharing an apple with him. This was no run of the mill apple, it was one crafted by Dushtakarma and full of a sweet liquid. Once bitten into, all kinds of strange desires would seep into the hapless person's veins and make them do all kinds of things. Currently it lay hidden in a cavity in his throat.

In the meantime, Om and Omkaara had walked across the Aranyaka forests and reached a clearing. Here they ran behind a herd off deer, chasing them and imitating their style of running. Laughter rang out and filled all directions.

Orange Tango

I am writing a seven part short story as a part of the BARATHON, a week long blog event at Blog-A-Rhythm, each part based on a prompt. Go all teams and in particular #Orange Tango :)

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