2 August 2016

What You Do Not Know - tiny story contd. Day #2 # Bar-A-Thon

The creatures stretched and ambled towards one another on hind legs. As they walked they stood taller and taller, until they seemed quite straight. The Sun's rays caught their hair and skin and glinted.
Opening it's mouth one of them, the female emitted a gurgle and tried to match her voice with the hum in the background which had begun to fade. The male did the same and they both tested out their voices, while the birds flew down from their perches to take a look.
             The fully grown creatures had no idea of what they were and where they were. All they could sense was that there was some burning sensation in their bellies which demanded appeasement. They began to nibble at tree-bark and leaves. Venturing further fruit was found and liked. Juice dribbled down their mouths as they downed mango after mango.
What You Do Not Know

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