2 September 2016

What no one tells you about being a parent.

No one is obliged to spill the beans
No one is bound to tell
Even if one does dare take up
The task of unmasking every cell.

Umbilical cord severed physically 
Actually severs never ever.
Urge to put baby back into embryo
To keep safe and sound from every fever.

Innards twist at the slightest inkling
Of any discomfort to the little one.
This is the very heart walking around, in the 
Shape of a child you have won.

Soft - vulnerable heart, outside the body
Out of the protective casing of ribcage, flesh and sinew.
This - only a pinch of how it feels and
I will try no more except to urge myself, and

You and you and you my reader
 Not that you need the urging one bit.
To care and tend and yet not stifle.
Keeping personal struggles at bay,

When around the child, let us
Allow ourselves to rejoice while we may.
Be a child with the child, firm not harsh
When the need arises for oh yes- it does everyday.

Eternally oscillating from tender love to 
Marking out clarity, let us read, ruminate, 
Speak out our love and blessing 
And be not too rigid all the time,

With the offspring, who is as we speak
Every moment becoming more and more
Individual. Nurture their nature.
Give in to material demand, in balance, 

This is a toughie in this day and age.
Not so much that they lose value
Not so less that there is hidden discontent
Day after day we grow alongside

If we let ourselves, putting fallacies and fakeness
Aside. Grow up once again, gain dimension and depth
Finally to let go, for we are only given a while 
To play out our role in divine drama - 

Unconditional, eternal, infinite.

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