7 August 2016

Last day, A tiny tale. Day#7 #Barathon

He slithered out and tucked the apple back into the cavernous recesses of his throat, promising himself that he would get the better of the innocents, he was out to lure.
             Omkaara and Om were out of sight now. Takshak followed them, sometimes on land, sometimes shooting across tree branches. They seemed to have disappeared. He tried to breathe in their odours but could smell nothing that could give him any information about the path they had taken.
          Across a large lake, in a large patch filled with banyan trees, a monkey had taken the couple under its wing and taught them the art of swinging from tree to tree. Omkaara and Om soon were adept at this, the aerial roots giving them ample opportunity to practise.
                     Having filled themselves with berries, they curled up, intertwined, atop a wide branch. They were hard to discern, their brown skins blending with the brown skin of the branch they slept on.
    Takshak made his way to where they lay, finally having smelt them. He pushed the apple between their faces. They had to notice it and take a bit or two, for sure. He sat on the branch right on top of theirs and tried to stay awake.
                 The monkey who was still up and about, returned and seeing the juicy, red fruit snatched it and bit into it. Takshak lashed out with his tail but to no avail. They monkey hopped off the tree and was soon out of reach, along with the apple.
                                    The duo slept on, while Takshak slunk back to the nether worlds, shame faced.

I am writing a seven part short story as a part of the BARATHON, a week long blog event at Blog-A-Rhythm, each part based on a prompt. Go all teams and in particular #Orange Tango :)


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